Basic AoE Engi Dungeon Dps aoe dungeon easy engi pve
Engineer Guide by Mattrap Last update at Jan 22nd 2018, 23:34

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    This is the meta AoE rotation for dps engineers.

    The Core of the rotation is 3 things
    1. cast
    on cooldown
    2. cast
    on cooldown between 30-70 volatility
    3. continuously cast
    for the entire fight.

    , and
    generate enough volatility to infinitely run this rotation. There is no need for another builder.

    The idea behind this build is to carry more interrupts without sacrificing too much dps. Interrupting a boss leads to more dps for everyone, however you will find new players or greedy dps won't bring interrupts because they don't know or don't want to use them. A build like this sacrifices little dps and allows you to fill ints for other party members.