What is Arche-Base?

Arche-Base was created with the intention to provide ArcheAge Online players tools to better enjoying the game content.

We will provide you:

  • Builds and Guides

  • Theorycraft

  • Patch Notes

  • Game News

  • More theorycraft...

  • Version and update

    Our version, same as the game, still in Beta phase which means you'll see constant changes.
    Until the final NA/EU version release you will see changes.

    We are optimized to Google Chrome Browser and updated browsers. Errors still should be reported via feedback.

    Read the rules in this post: Arche-Base Rules

    Good Job! How I can help?

    This is a big project, and demands time to constantly update our data. It's free and always will be, but your "thanks" is always welcome.