Best companion - Ranger [Duo Class] archery duo ranger shadowplay vitalism
Guide by SilentKreator Last update at Apr 9th 2018, 01:53



At the moment I made this build for my GF so she can see it, but i'm planning on making this public, so here's a little introduction:

There is people who only play on duo, like myself, I don't even open the game if my duo is not online, because we want to have the same progress, so if Im always playing with someone, why should I go with a Solo-Class? This is why I made two class compatible with each other.

My first class, the Ranger, your mission is to support your partner, you are the healer and the damage, your partner is the Tank or the Assassin, the one who fight on the front.

- Your partner must be Tanky or high Burst.
- Works well with a partner Shadowplay.
- Works well with a partner Mage.

I will add more info, how to level, PvP, soon..