The Dreadnaught - PvP defense dps occultism pve pvp shadowplay tank
Guide by tehmaker Last update at Oct 2nd 2014, 15:55

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This build came about to accomplish a few specific playstyle that I've been after. I've been using a defense/witchcraft combo since launch while trying out various third skilltrees. The defense tree is incredible and is even due buffs so I wanted to continue its use. Witchcraft is overused and is also due a nerf in 1.7, so I wanted to move away from it. I enjoyed both the vitalism and sorcery trees for thirds but both lacked the mobility that I desperately needed in various circumstances. After experimenting with potential builds, I discovered the potential combo that becomes dreadnaught. I feel like this class could offer notable burst, amazing defensive utility, as well as the mobility offered in shadowplay. This build is still just theorized and is in the process of being tweaked and experimented with.


I picture this class as a sort of battlemage that can turn from stealthy and agile in to a face-melting tank that traps opponents in to a prison of destruction. There seems to be a couple variations on the build and I will discuss how each can serve various situations later. In this build, you are given access to gap-closers and escapes with shadowplay. You are offered almost as much control as the witchcraft tree. The bulk of your damage comes from the rarely seen occultism skillset. I play this class with a scepter, shield, and full cloth armor. This build can be useful in many situations but I built it with 1 vs X in mind.


This build has a very specific playstyle that I want to go over before going in-depth on the spells. Mobility is a key facet to this build. However, if you are constantly moving you will not be reaching peak damage. With this variation of the build, I opt to go for
. This passive increases your damage by up to 75% while you're standing still. Due to the nature of the game, there will be periods where you have no choice but to stand still anyway. This punishes enemies for controlling you. Since you're tanky to begin with, you can generally take much of their assault without much loss. Trap your enemies in with imprison and force them to eat your freshly buffed damage. When this ends, you've still got plenty of control to keep your opponents right where you want them. With that said, let's move on to specific spells.



THE mobility. This can be an amazing escape or flipped for an offensive gap-closer for archers or mages that love to keep the distance.
Another gap closer that can be used for both allies (yourself included) AND enemies. Many of your attacks are short-ranged, this alleviates that issue and allows you the gap, especially in conjunction with your backflip. There's a very high chance you'll reset the cooldown as well.
Stealth, what more is there to say? Acts as a vanish on a 45 second cooldown.

*Build Variations*

Originally I wanted to go for
which serve as a heavy-hitting ranged stun combo. I may still go back to these two but will try out more emphasis on the occultism tree first.


Your short-range stun that serves as part one in a two-step combo to keep your opponents controlled. Deals very minimal damage but with your mobility you can get in their face fairly easy to throw this at them.
Immediately following your stun, you can toss this to trip them for some more mild damage and continued control.
Standard Health buff that also accumulates mettle as you take damage. The mettle stacks to 3000 and serves as ammunition for the following ability.
A 10m ranged ability that inflicts shaken/distressed and increasing damage depending on your stacks of mettle. This ability can crit fairly hard especially at lower levels.
Your first line of defense against melee opponents. Greatly increases your block rate while lowering your momement speed 10% and making you immune to trip. Many smart opponents will either control you or completely ignore you when you pop this so make sure you can get your worth before using it.
The almighty bubble. It doesn't matter if you're fighting 1 or 100, you are completely invulnerable. Often times I find the best time to use this skill is to avoid your opponents setups. So many players rely on their controls like bubble trap or lassitude. You can put them in an awkward place by completely bypassing their burst or burst setup cooldowns.
One of the only skills in the game to completely dictate the flow of any battle. The walls of the prison serve as a complete line of sight blocker for any ranged ability, damaging or beneficial. You can cut off reinforcements and literally divide and conquer the opposition. This also eliminates all escape routes for ranged classes that rely on kiting opponents.


Your mobile machine gun. Basic filler attack that's useful while catching up or running away.
Massive AoE that deals decent damage and impales targets on a half minute cooldown.
An instant cast ability that serves as a damage over time. Casting these killer crows on a freshly impaled target like the above skill also deals poison damage. With such a short range, its beneficial to make sure enemies are standing still anyway.
Another instant cast damage over time with a short range. This one is much more potent with a longer cooldown. Both this and crows function incredibly well with imprison to keep your opponents in range.
A very short range AoE interrupt and blanket silence that also removes fear. Can be a useful followup to your CC's to continue controlling your opponent.
A force push that gives mana back. Useful for interrupting casts and keeping dangerous melee at bay. Unlike other knockbacks like Dahuta's breath, you must target an opponent to hit them with this.
Our channeled nuke that slows down opponents to a crawl and increases its damage over time. Due to our damage-increasing passives, this nuke can be devestating since you're forced to stand still while casting it. If you Boastful Roar a target to cause distressed, you can combo this ability in to a stun.

*Build Variations*

, and
all buff your spells' damage. These are completely optional to this build. Some may prefer these points elsewhere. I'm still experimenting with this build myself and will make adjustments as I see fit.


You can see this build and more live in action on my twitch, found here. Also be sure to follow my twitter found here to find out when I go live.