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The class named after an awesome old-school MMORPG. I felt it had an awesome name and a lot of potential to rock PvP, especially after seeing Kayemzee's videos. (If you haven't seen them, check em out!) This build is loosely based off of his defiler build. Props where they are due^
I am still new to ArcheAge and as with any MMORPG, balance is subject to change. With that said, I will continue to modify this build as I learn the game and it evolves.



  • TANK!

  • Ranged damage

  • Buff removals

  • Insane control

  • Immune to sleep/fear

  • Capable of weak heals

  • Cons

  • No escapes

  • No stealth

  • No mobility

  • Weaker damage

  • Still learning weaknesses

  • Overview

    What I hope to achieve with this build

    I intend to be focusing my efforts on open world pvp. I can't see this build working quite as well in 1v1 arenas. Seeing so many classes based around heavy damage however, I want to mitigate as much as I can while still being able to output mild amounts of damage and control. My playstyle is to outplay and outlast my opponents through efficient use of cooldowns and keeping a steady output of damage.

    Your Role

    It's incredibly important to remember that you have no escapes with this build. You are a tank with massive control and utility. You are meant to be able to get in the thick of things and provide control/damage to key targets. Your CC abilities allow you to select which enemies to focus on and cut them off from their allies. However, because you have no escapes, you need to keep your positioning in mind. You have other emergency abilities like banshee wail and invincibility but these don't provide the slipperiness of shadowplay or auramancy. Without the option of getting out of danger with drop-back, stealth, teleportation, and other movement abilities, you're somewhat reliant on your group if you become overextended. Know your capabilities and where your team is located in relation to you. Utilize your crowd control and dictate the shape of the battle.



    This is your short cooldown damage spell. Not having a "filler" mobile attack like mana stars or rapid fire, this is our substitute. I also love having the option to throw out a tiny heal if necessary. It's cooldown resets fairly quickly and its lengthy cast time compliments our many CC's well.
    One of our few damaging AoE's that also impales its targets. The 2.2 second impale prevents actions for the duration and sets up very well for your next attacks. This ability also compliments the defense skill, imprison, with a similar size radius.
    *Thoughts* After playing with skewer and experiencing a lot more PvP, I find it to be a little underwhelming. I am experimenting with
    instead. It serves as a instant cast root as well as a damage increase and healing decrease. All on a shorter cooldown. In larger group PvP, I could see skewer being more useful.


    The first part of the one-two punch that is enervate into mudhand. This ability does mild damage with a side bonus of mana drain. It also increases the duration of Trips/Stuns by 30% and decreases received healing. If you cast this ability on a feared target, it does even more damage.
    MudHand! One of my favorite abilities in the game. Using this ability right after enervate deals decent damage and returns health back. Rarely ever casted outside of this 2-hit combo.
    Awesome utility spell with dual nature. Casting on an enemy removes a positive buff, casting on an ally removes a negative debuff. Being able to remove critical conditions can be the difference between life or death.
    The unique spell that makes witchcraft users immune to fear and sleep. Both are incredibly frustrating control effects that set up even more damage behind it. Amazing skill.
    Your AoE fear. Has a fairly large radius and affects ALL nearby enemies. Sets up additional combo damage with your enervate. What's not to love?
    Ranged damage and a stun. Oh and they also have ALL their buffs removed. Sick spell.
    Your big level 50 instant cast wave. Mild damage with a push-back. Really fun spell to throw in there when it comes off cooldown.
    *Thoughts* I feel like I don't see a lot of fears and sleeps used. I am considering swapping out
    for either
    . After playing some with
    I found I absolutely love them. You lack a real filler auto-attack so having an arsenal of cooldowns attempts to make up for that.


    A close-range stun with a fairly short cooldown and low damage. Most of the time you will followup this skill with the following to create a stun into trip combo.
    Another reactionary damage skill that can be used to interrupt spellcasting if you are quick. Most of the time you will use this as a followup to a stun for the combo trip effect.
    I was very apprehensive of this ability at first. I'm ranged, why would I want o close myself in with people? It's more about the implications of what you're doing. Cutting weakened foes off from their heals or additional support allows you to divide and conquer. Take a manageable bite, chew, and eat the opposition.
    This is your HP buff that also serves as a mettle generator. This buff is important to keep active as mettle is the resource necessary to cast the following ability.
    This is another heavy hitting ability that is on a decent cooldown. Depending on how many hits you are taking, you can hit the 3k mettle limit pretty easily.
    Your first defensive cooldown. Obviously your block rate is only beneficial against melee users but push and trip immunity can be widely beneficial. Keep the 10% speed reduction in mind!
    Our bubble. We don't have stealth, we don't have leaps. We have raw immunity. Roar.
    followed by
    is an absolutely crazy combo that makes the skillset shine really well. Honestly I'm pretty happy with the entirety of my choices. I found that my survivability is right where I'd like it to be even with questing gear.


  • This build will run a scepter and a shield with full cloth-set.

  • I may experiment with subtracting some passives in exchange for some vitalism but this is my planned build for 50 at the current time.

  • I used a similar build for leveling that can be found here

  • Author

    You can see this build and more live in action on my twitch, found here. Also be sure to follow my twitter found here to find out when I go live.