Leveling Shadowbane defense dps pve pvp vitalism witchcraft
Guide by tehmaker Last update at Sep 16th 2014, 15:35

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This build is meant primarily for leveling with one or more allies but works fairly well for solo play as well. This is also not the build I will use at 50 for PvP purposes. There will be a modified version of that build linked in the bottom of this guide. With this build you will primarily nuke your enemies at a distance. Heal yourself between pulls and play dead to restore your mana.


How the build works
You will primarily open up with
to increase the amount of damage dealt by 12% and afflicting a root (Yes, it does say snare).
is your shortest cooldown and works great as the initial damaging spell in your rotation. It has a a short cooldown and a long cast time so having the enemy stuck in a root is helpful.
delivers a massive instant cast at the cost of the mettle you've built up. When you reach 3000 mettle, show someone your wrath with a huge 3k+ instant cast. And of course, the bread and butter of this build:
followed by
for a nasty two-hit punch. This combo becomes even nastier when you preface enervate with a fear. I love this combo so much I prioritize
to eliminate the cast time for mud-hand.

You're lacking a lot of the defense and support abilities offered with this class but you are chock full of crowd control to compensate.
serve as your area-affect CC's that can also deal notable amounts of damage.
are your single-target control spells with sizable cooldowns and mild damage. Having both fears through
can give you and your teammates some much needed control, allowing you to focus fire primary targets.


Always apply your
for mettle-gain and decent HP buffs. These are pivotal to this build as
is a massive instant cast and having both buffs allow you to get decent damage with the skill much more often. Your other buff
provides additional Spirit and Intellect for yourself and party members.
along with the passive
will keep your mana bar in working condition.
is more a quality of life skill than anything. It's helpful to keep your team topped off in between pulls.
has a somewhat slow projectile speed so keep that in mind when tossing it at enemies in motion. Another quality of life spell,
can be useful in rare occasions where a teammate needs it but I mostly stayed away from it and made them walk :P

  • For leveling I always chose the staff / bow and cloth quest rewards

  • For a complete cloth set, choose the hood for a helm quest reward

  • Taking damage gives you mana and mettle stacks when buffed

  • PvP

    This build is not the most suitable for PvP. Running across it in the open world is sometimes unavoidable, however. This build runs out of options fairly quickly and does not offer much in the defense tree either. You must play proactively and aggressively with your cooldowns and control and you can win many engagements. At 50, I intend on using a scepter and shield and running a more defense-oriented style with this build here.


    You can see this build and more live in action on my twitch, found here. Also be sure to follow my twitter found here to find out when I go live.