Leveling Archon archery defense dps pve pvp witchcraft
Guide by tehmaker Last update at Sep 1st 2014, 21:06

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This is the build I will be using to level in open beta. It's not necessarily super strong or mana efficient. This is going to be a way for me to get used to the witchcraft skillset and partially to test my experimental build of archon. I had originally meant to level as a bastion but felt I could maybe just utilize play dead instead of going all the way in to auramancy for Meditation. I will be playing with a group and I made this build with my that in mind. A lot of the skillset choices are specifically for leveling and will be immediately changed once hitting 50.


Most of the damage from this build comes from the witchcraft skillset.
, and
are all your cooldown based WC spells.
, and
are your defense cooldowns to inflict damage. Your only archery cooldown is
and the filler between these cooldowns is


The build is meant to be incredibly defensive in nature. Between the potential crowd control and the amount of damaging cooldowns available, the class will fit fairly well with a group. Play dead serves as your mana regeneration to keep you in the battle. Playing in a group, most mobs will die fairly fast regardless. This is built to keep your mana at acceptable levels while still capable of dealing (and absorbing) respectable amounts of damage and control.


It might be worth it to delve further in to the archery tree since you get new bows pretty commonly in the questing process. Also, this build is mostly a way for me to experiment with and get used to the witchcraft skillset. The final version of this build after hitting 50 can be found here. It's worth noting, I was initially inspired to try out the witchcraft and defense tree by Kayemzee. Check out his videos, you won't regret it.


You can see this build and more live in action on my twitch, found here. Also be sure to follow my twitter found here to find out when I go live.