Leveling Bastion archery auramancy defense dps pve pvp
Guide by tehmaker Last update at Aug 30th 2014, 08:22

  • 0. Auramancy
  • 1. Archery
  • 2. Defense
  • 3. Wrap-Up
My leveling build for open beta


The Temporary

Auramancy is just here as a placeholder for mana efficiency until 50. This skillset will eventually be swapped with Shadowplay.
is so amazing for regaining mana and will allow for much more up-time for killing mobs and questing efficiency.
keeps your attack speed up and
is in for mobility sake.
might even be the last point I spend since so much time is spent kiting and the defense tree takes care of your survivability.


The Damage

There are very few combos with this build so a lot of the usage will come from the raw skills offered.
, and
will be your three main damage dealers.
is awesome damage but feels like a mana hog so I tend to only use it to kill quicker if I have the mana. The rest are pretty much there to support these primary damage dealers.


The Experimental

I will be experimenting with defense this time around. For alpha I leveled as a standard Primeval (Archer/Shadowplay/Auramancy) but I wanted to play around with a build before launch. The only thing at 50 that I think I would truly miss from Auramancy would be teleport. The main reason for wanting this was to get the hell out of dodge before dying. I am hoping that the boost in defenses will make up for the lack of teleport. I tried staying away from close ranged skills like
as you want to keep the distance from enemies anyway. Having short range skills only encourages you to get closer, negating some damage you deal with your archery abilities.
is a standard health buff but also accrues mettle which can be consumed by
as your heal.
are your situational, survival buffs. The prior even adding more chances to proc
. Like I said though, the defense skillset is still very experimental for me and I would like to test out
and perhaps


Final Statements

I've only been playing AA for a couple weeks so still very new and a lot left to learn. Feel free to critique or advise the build. You can see this build live in action on my twitch here when open beta rolls around Thursday! The final version of this build will focus around PvP and can be found here.